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Our team of professional travel guides

An Ardeche and Provence personal travel guide to facilitate your South of France holiday
All of our private small group tours are led by experienced bilingual tourist guide or sometimes a translator according to your specific needs. The visits may also include other professional South of France tourist guide, Provence travel guide who are experts of a particular topics or monument like the 'Palais de Pape' in Avignon

Our team is looking forward to accompany you during your South of France holiday, and plan together Ardeche tours, cutlural excursions... We all have several years of inter-cultural and programming experience in Ardeche or Provence.
We are happy to give you the opportunity to truly take a slice of France ! 

Pierre (English - Spanish - German speaking, FRENCH)     Director

Photo ID Tour Companion Pierre Gerault.jpgFascinated by traveling, I love to collaborate with individuals from abroad. I am always looking for cultural exchanges, I am open to others because I like learning about differences. Tourist guiding is my favorite way of gaining knowledge and personal growth.

During my last 10 years past of working in various countries, I developed desire to share French culture. When you participate in 'Slice Of France' tour, I guarantee you will receive a warm welcome...just like old friends do. I hope you will have a chance to travel with us and experience a slice of France !

Nicolas (English speaking, FRENCH)     Tour Guide -Mountain Leader

Photo ID Mountain Guide Nicolas GrisolleBoth nature and mountain guide, cook and storyteller, I am happy to share my love for this impressive area that Ardeche is, a country with amazing scenery, with a age-old history and heritage, all which give it a unique flavor.
With its wines, its cheeses and other locally grown products, you will taste the wholeness of this soil and get to know its unique culture.
I would be happy to guide you discovering richness of a magnificent countryside, I will show you my favourite spots or many hiking trails and along the way I will share with you Ardeche’s specific local know-how or way of life. 

K'Ro (Englsih - Spanish speaking, FRENCH)     Wine Expert, Oenologist

Photo ID Wine Taster K ROGraduated from Wine University in Suze-la-Rousse (Drôme - FRANCE).
Both for professional and personal reasons, I travelled a lot abroad as I specialised in luxury tourist management for accommodation and catering. I became an associate in the management of a Wine and Library Bar / Restaurant during 4 years and from that point onwards I started developing my passion for wine tasting and my will to share it. 
In 2008, I took the opportunity to settle away from Paris in this great region that is called Ardèche. I worked in partnership with several wine professionals, and trained to obtain the Oenologist and Wine Expert Diploma. I recently created my own Wine bar and shop since April 2010, dedicated to Natural and Organic wines brought up according to biodynamics.
I shall be very pleased to share together with you my passion of French wines in General, and local ones as well as my oenology know-how concerning the tasting technique and the association between dishes and wines. Come and let's taste together ! 

Marie-Josée (English speaking, FRENCH)     Wine Expert, Oenologist

Photo ID Wine Taster Marie JoseeGraduated from Wine University in Suze-la-Rousse (Drôme - FRANCE) and Wine & Spirit Education Trust of London.
Born in the heart of the famous vineyards of the northern Rhone Valley, I grew up surrounded by wine cellars scents. As a student, I discovered every summer vineyards plots with their local appellation (Crozes-Hermitage, Hermitage, St. Joseph ...) as well as the vine work in the major wineries of Tain l'Hermitage.
For several years now I transmit my knowledge with a passionate approach through tasting training workshops for in which I guide participants through the world of aromas and flavours and transmit the meaning of words and the language of wine. I am also pleased to introduce the northern Rhone Valley wines of our fans and get them to meet the men and women who make it. They are always great instants of exchange! In June 2010 I created a shop dedicated to wine tasting and words.

Nadia (English speaking, FRENCH some ITALIAN)     Tour Companion

Photo ID Tour Companion Nadia GenoveseBorn in the heart of Ardeche, I have spent my childhood in the neighboring department 'Drôme', so these land have no more secrets for me.
Companion, I would do the greatest joy to tell you the cultural and natural wealth of Ardeche and Rhone valley. We pass through wild area and picturesque villages where I will tell you the story of this lands from dawn of time to modern man without forgetting to make a detour to Gallo-Roman art and Middle Ages...
I will let you take a back in time to understand the creation of this gorgeous landscapes and I will send you my passion for History of sericulture, chestnuts, olives, wine and anything that represent Ardechois way of life.
You understand my enthusiasm for human relationships will make you live a fun and unique stays between Ardeche and Provence.

Professionnal GUIDE (Any language)

Photo ID Cultural GUideSlice of France assist you to find your Ardeche and Provence travel guide.
If you are tour operator or group leader willing to coordinate South of France tours, Provence day trips, Ardeche canyon tours, Drome and Gard excursions, we shall find the right cultural guide for your private small group tours in the right language... 
Do not hesitate to contact us for telling your requirements. Call Pierre on +33 (0)6 77 16 43 63.