A short stay in southern Ardèche to visit the Chauvet cave and Pont d'Arc in the Ardèche Canyon..
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Prehistory 3 days Package in Provence

The Concept

PREHISTO BREAK ® is an all inclusive short stay package (2 nights+3 days) in Ardèche allowing you to visit major elements (Chauvet Pont d'Arc Cavern, Aven of Orgnac Cave, Cité of Prehistory, Ardèche river Canyon) You will be collected directly from your train station of arrival in Avignon or Montélimar. Experience prehistory with high comfort and customised tours. Even children may have a lot of fun practising préhistory techniques and you shall taste caves and stunning nature marvells. FGROUP FORMULA UPON REQUEST (starting from 25 persons CONTACT US)

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Our Préhisto Break ®


Aven of Orgnac Cave + Cité of prehistory museum + prehistory workshop
OPTION Day 3: Excursion along the Ardèche Canyon in minibus.
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Chauvet Pont d'Arc Cavern
OPTION Day 3: Excursion along the Ardèche Canyon in minibus.
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Aven of Orgnac Cave + Cité of prehistory museum + prehistory workshop +  Chauvet Pont d'Arc Cavern

OPTION Day 3: Excursion along the Ardèche Canyon in minibus.

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Préhisto Break ® Activities

  • Chauvet Pont d'Arc Cavern :

Situated in Southern Ardèche, the Chauvet Cave of Vallon-Pont-D’Arc was discovered on 18 December 1994 by Jean-Marie Chauvet, Éliette Brunel and Christian Hillaire. Thanks to its quality and its conservation of parietal paintings that have been in existence for 36 000 years, the unique prehistoric cavity was recently designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This is the support of the first artistic and major exhibition which has seen to date.

A facsimile of 3000 square metres, the Cavern of Pont d’Arc, allows you to visit the Chauvet Cave Replicala. In a similar atmosphere within the real cavity, thanks to odours, humidity and darkness, you will be delighted by many paintings and engravings wich reprensent leons of the caverns, horses, mammoths or woolly rhinoceroses… Admire the quality of artistic work. This visit is making you for the feel of the real thing !

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  • Aven of Orgnac cave :

Feel closer to the Earth and explore the Aven of Orgnac which is the only tourist site in the region of Rhône-Alpes labelled as "Grand Site de France®". You can submerge yourself into a breathtaking beauty. Between Entre fines draperies and crystallizations, the underground cathedral will show you its most stunning geological treasures ! Reaching a depth of 121 metres, the sound and light lead to emotions and leave place to the imaginary.

  • Cité of Prehistory museum:

The Cité of Prehistory museum is labelled "Musée de France©". In a new modern and decidedly structure which opened in February 2014, the visitor will discover 350 000 years of treasures dedicated to Prehistory. This staging mixes giant illustrations and interactive medias, videos, sound atmosphere, stuffed animals and everyday scenes which are recaptured. The visit combines tactile tools and multimedia materials with objects of this era (tools, weapons...). A surprising link which emphasizes Prehistory like you have ever seen before.

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  • Prehistoric techniques Workshop :

This activity is supervised by archaeologists. After a short introduction to the prehistoric environment which allows to reconstitute the context and living conditions of this era, the visitors will listen to a keynote about various used techniques to produce fire, paint with ochre or sharpen flints. Following a period of observation, they will become actors and will try to de reproduce these ancestral and essential gestures of this era. They will participate in a little contest of spear thrower like the hunters practiced in that time.

  • Tour in Ardèche canyon (OPTION)

During this escape, we take you in charge to follow the famous itinerary of Ardèche canyon.

During this tour, you will be able to admire the Pont d'Arc: a natural stone bridge across the river which is a real wonder of nature, at the foot of the cliffs where the Chauvet Cave, awarded UNESCO, is situated.

Regular stops will be established in order to enjoy the breathtaking lookouts and have some time to take pictures. Your local driver tour guide will answer your questions regarding fauna and flora, gastronomy, Prehistory and geology of the territory. You will be delighted by the stunning and marvellous nature.

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