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Experiment Ardeche natural and cultural heritage

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Ardeche is known to be one of those, undiscovered France places not to be missed !

Among the wildest regions of Europe, Ardeche is adored by tourists interested in impressive landscapes, off the beaten path countryside, lovely character villages, and by travellers curious to discover its rich prehistoric past ! 
Slice of France professional tourist guides take you to experiment french art de vivre, enjoy delicious organic homemade cooking, and meet friendly people who will reveal to you the thousand flavors of the fruit of their soil.

Ardeche history truly begins in Prehistory, as evidenced by many amazing caves located mainly around the Ardeche river canyon. The most famous, The Chauvet Cave was discovered in Vallon-Pont-d'Arc in 1994. The exceptional conservation of the world's oldest paintings (- 36 000 years) which were unveil explains his applying for the UNESCO World Heritage label expected for 2014.
Ardeche mountains still witness of historical France’s conflicts, particularly those during War of Religion between Catholics and Protestants. 
Whether walking through typical countryside or visiting medieval cities, our tours let you relive the rich local past.

With its unfettered rivers and streams, Ardeche provide breath-taking scenery source of thrills for wilderness adventurers from all the world ! 
Most rivers (the Ardèche, the Ibie, the Chassezac, the Beaume, the Euyrieux) include rapids sections and monumental canyons which make it a favorite place for all true fans of canoe and kayak.
And all around Ardeche canyon, underground rivers have dug and sculpted lots of fabulous age-old caves, real subterranean cathedrals revealing you their mineral treasures... The most spectacular 'Grand Site Orgnac' bring you into a magical and mysterious world until 121 meters deep, not to be missed !

Before tourism became the growing economic sector, Ardeche economy based on important silk industry and chestnut production. Agriculture continues to be well represented in in Ardèche : 50% of the population live in rural communities sometimes in tiny village whereas about 75% of French people live in urban locations.
Today, Ardeche is best known for its growing number of small farm, associations networks and businesses engaged in sustainable development process. This trend has become more evident with weekly bio markets in almost all towns which promote direct relationship between producers and consumers.

Our private tour will show you authentic Ardeche, one of those places that should never be missed when tasting a slice of France !