Slice Of France

Slice Of France

Your Ardeche holiday include Provence day trips

We have selected the most beautiful landscapes to see and the most important and interesting landmarks to visit. These excursions will give you an opportunity to explore and experience the customs, architecture, culture, and history of this area.
Choose from our menu, and then contact us. We are happy to help you create an "A la carte" tour.

Uncovering the stones of Balazuc

Take a walk through time and discover one of the most beautiful villages in France. Perched high and overlooking the Ardeche river, the history of the village of Balazuc is emblematic of so many stories of the harsh and at times prosperous life in rural France.
Due to its isolated location, this stone village has remained intact throughout its long history, for visitors to enjoy today.

Ardeche’s Provencal Market

A visit to France is not complete without exploring a traditional marche (market). Explore with us the many fruits and vegetables stands as well as crafts made by local artists.

The Vineyards of the Roman Via Strata

Take a walking tour of the Gallo-Roman ruins and amphitheatre of Alba-la Romaine or Alba Helvorum, and then taste the fruit from the vineyards nearby that continue the tradition of wine-making brought over by the Romans in the 2nd century.


Our full day excursions will include a morning and afternoon activity as well as a lunch with local products.

Pre-history in the Gorge of Ardeche and the first artists of Grotte Chauvet
Take a walk to the cave site of Grotte Chauvet and marvel at the same spectacular views that early man gazed at 30,000 years ago. Then explore the pre-history exhibition and Grotte Chauvet museum in the village of Vallon Pt. Arc.

A Unique relaxing rowing boat trip through a 300 meter deep canyon…UNIQUE
The Ardèche gorge is a unique canyon in France, 300 meters deep and 24 kilometers long. Instead of the popular canoeing or kayaking experience we are proposing a full day comfortably sitting in the back of a rowing boat and a guide moves it along for you. It will be a perfect day to enjoy the flight of the protected Bonelli eagle along these gigantic cliffs... to listen to stories or tales along this majestic site. 
During the day you will witness the numerous caves where pre-historical civilisation was very alive.
During lunch the guide's lunch basket will offer savory local products with a glass of a delicious local Cornas wine. If the season is warm you will have the opportunity to swim in the pleasant Ardèche river (This day starts early in the morning so it can only be ordered on its own and not combined with another UNIQUE day)

Fly like an eagle above the gorgeous nature of ARDECHE...UNIQUE
This day will surely be a highlight of your stay in Ardèche. We will have the opportunity to fly silently above the greatest natural areas of Ardèche. You will witness the human world from the sky and peacefully drift along with the wind. On clear days you may see as far as the massif central mountains that once were volcanoes. (This day starts very early in the morning and must therefore be combined with another day that is not called UNIQUE)

A day exploring Castles and Caves
Spend the morning exploring a 14th century castle found in the picturesque village of Labastide de Virac and then spend the afternoon underground marveling at nature’s castles created by the build-up of amazing stalagmite and stalactite formations in one of the most impressive French Cave registered as "Grand Site de France" as the Mont Saint Michel. Get a deep insight in prehistoric age to peep how peoples have been living since 35 000 Years with the Regional Préhistory Museum.

The Roman Gods and their magnificent Pont du Gard

This program is perfect for those who love all things Roman. Visit the amphitheatre in the city of Orange and see the highest Roman aqueduct in the world…you will sing your praises to the gods and have a memorable day! All Hail Caesar!

Travel back in time through the historic city of Viviers

A visit to Ardeche is not complete without walking through the old capital of Vivarais, the city of Viviers. You will find examples of Roman, Medieval and Renaissance buildings that tell the story of this city’s religious and political power which lasted for centuries.

Discovering La Beaume

Hidden in the beautiful canyons of the Beaume River you find the quaint and charming village of La Beaume. After spending the morning exploring the village, we will spend the afternoon visiting a typical Ardechoise home. However this home was not home to an ordinary family. It housed the family of the famous French writer Alphonse Daudet.

A Taste of the Middle Ages

Welcome to the age of knights, chivalry, barons…and the bubonic plague! Life was not always easy for the people living in the middle ages. Visit a castle and watch a real life re-enactment of life in the village of Largentiere, which includes an authentic Medieval meal.

A French noble family: La Famille Vogue

One of the oldest noble families of France, also dons the name of one of the most beautiful villages in France, Vogue. Come and explore their various castles, chapels, and homes that are found throughout the Vivarais region. All of them are testament to this family’s story of wealth and power.