Slice Of France

Séminaire et Incentive

Incentive and Snowshoe trek

Snowshoes and volcanoes covered by snow

Duration: half-day

Characteristic territory between Ardèche’s mountains and the gorges de l’Ardèche, the Parc National des Monts d’Ardèche is a haven of peace and well-being during winter, when lobed-leaves trees are covered by snow… Geology, craters, lava flows or wildlife are sources of friendliness and exchanged words.

During the winter, enjoy and discover Ardèche of springs and volcanoes, a wild and preserved territory, through a snowshoe trek which give you the chance to observe nature. 

A guide who knows well the area will escort you on a snowy itinerary, where cows are grazing during summer. This accessible loop will allow you de discover the marks and clues leaved by animals in the snow. You will discover the techniques that nature in any forms practice to resist against the hostile winter atmosphere in this mountainous land.

The level of the hike is easy and only requires being correctly equipped to face snow and bitter cold.

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