Slice Of France

Slice Of France

Incentive Life-size Cluedo game

Murder party – Life-size inquiry game

(Duration: about 2 hours)

Ardèche Seminaire - Incentive 2012©Slice of France (13).JPGIn order to bring your work teams together, let’s immerse them in a life-size inquiry game! Fun and friendly, this game is a way to develop cohesion, team spirit and creativity. A mysterious crime has just happened… The players, organized in teams, will have to use their brains to lead their own investigation and shed a light on the matter. The game is organized around a police chief, performed by an organizer, who explains the case which has happened (murder, theft… according to the chosen script), a crime scene, as well as different witnesses and suspects to be interrogated. Which team with solve this enigma first? Will the conclusions of the investigation prove to be correct?

Ardèche Seminaire - Incentive 2012©Slice of France (9).jpgSeveral scripts are available. They all deal with players’ perceptiveness and cleverness. Please contact us to discover these scripts and design together your custom corporate activities.