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Séminaire et Incentive

Incentive Outdoor sports challenge

Sport adventures in the gorgeous landscape of the “Gorges de l’Ardèche”

Duration: half-day


pano(c)Pierre GERAULT.jpg“The Gorges de l’Ardèche” is a thirty kilometers long canyon carved into the chalky plateau by the river, between Vallon-Pont-d’Arc and Saint-Martin-d’Ardèche. This preserved territory is a well-known for outdoor activities such as canoe, trekking, speleology… The masterpiece of this scenery between cliffs and plants is the famous “Pont d’Arc”, a massive natural arch (50 meters high) which is the symbol of southern Ardèche.

 Built as an orienteering challenge, this hike is a competition by teams in which you will experience typical outdoor sports of the region.

 Before the hike, each team receives a road book which indicates what activities have to be performed. In order to win, teammates will have to show cohesion, organization and fair-play…

61_6_985958_full.jpgConcretely, the challenge takes place on 3 spots, representing 3 activities which all last about 40 minutes. All teams start at the same time on the 3 spots, then a rotation is performed.

The 3 activities have to be chosen between:

  • Sailing (following a nautical route to discover points that are mentioned on a map) ;
  • Canoeing ;
  • Archery ;
  • Mountain bike ;
  • Speleology (finding the access of a cave then explore an underground network) ;
  • Rock climbing (using balance, strength and dexterity to discover a hidden point) ;
  • Orienteering (following written instruction with the help of a compass).

Please contact us to choose together a combination of activities and design your custom challenge.